Together we can build fantastic things

I'm a Ruby (on Rails) developer based in Hong Kong with over 10 years experience.

I have worked on a wide range of projects both as a freelancer and while working at some fantastic digital agencies.

I can support your project every step of the way

When you hire me to work on your project, you're hiring somebody to help you throughout your project from planning, implementation to deployment.

I can support writing of functional requirements and help you prioritise those requirements to produce a minimum viable product as quickly as possible and within your budget.

Technical debt can kill productivity

Do you have a project that is struggling with technical debt?

Whether its test coverage, code complexity or that fragile 'black box' that you just can't get rid of, I can help. I can help! I can review the project, identify areas that require attention and then work with you to not only reduce the technical debt, but also help put processes in place to stop it building again in the future.

Development & Consultancy

Development & Consultancy services

I offer a range of development and consultancy services, from short-term consultancy through to longer term development projects.

Web application development

I can help your startup or agency with building and supporting robust web applications. Be it a prototype or minimum viable product, an API to share a small businesses data or a fun, data driven web marketing tool, I can work alone, white labeled, or as part of your team to roll out your project on time and on budget.

Industry standard tools

Adopting industry standard tools ensures I can drop straight into your existing team or work along side designers with minimal fuss. A BDD/TDD behaviour driven approach to development gives both project managers and developers alike piece of mind when understanding features and tracking progress against deadlines.

  • Rspec, Cucumber - for efficient, TDD and BDD behaviour driven development.
  • Git - for reliable source code version control.
  • Capistrano - for seamless deployment and server task management.

Hosting a scalability

Using industry standard open source technologies hosted on Amazons AWS infrastructure ensures cost effective, high availability hosting for your project which can be scaled up and down to meet customer demand. I can handle configuration and deployment to new hosting services for you or work with you within your existing hosting infrastructure.

  • Amazon AWS and DigitalOcean - for customised, scalable application hosting environments.
  • Puppet and Docket - for repeatable provisioning and scaling or infrastructure.
  • Postgres, ElasticSearch, MongoDB - for tailored database requirements and scaling.
  • Puma, Redis - for high availability application hosting and efficient background job management.

Consulting services

As well as application development, I can also offer a range of consultancy services, helping you create a plan to turn your ideas into reality. I can guide you towards the best approach for your app and recommend the best technical approach that makes sense for your project. I have particular expertise in test automation and can consult and advise you on the best way to write automated tests for your Rails projects, including helping you get up and running with your first automated tests, setting up a continuous integration and build environment and mentoring for your team.

Let's work together

I've worked on a variety of projects with a wide range of clients and agencies, each with unique challenges and requirements.

If you're interested in hiring me, the first step is to drop me an email with a basic overview of your project. I don't need detailed requirements at this stage - I just need to know what your project is about, what (if any) timescales are involved and a rough idea of your budget.


I'm currently available for projects, so please don't hesitate to drop me an email now to start discussing your project requirements.

My time can be booked several months advance so it can help to contact me early. If I'm unable to help, I may be able to point you in the direction of somebody who can.

Agencies and recruiters

If you're a recruitment agency, please be aware that I do not usually accept roles through agents. You are welcome to get in touch with me if you feel you have a specific role that might be suitable to my skills, but any general emails or enquiries into my general availability for roles will be ignored. Please do not add my contact details to your mailing list or candidate database without my prior permission.

Please also note that I am not currently looking for a permanent role; please do not contact me about these.